Pallet House is an Australian owned enterprise that provides charming mini pallet coasters. Our mini pallets are designed and manufactured in Australia, using only the highest quality natural timber and recyclable materials.

Our promise:

Pallet House provides customised Mini Pallets that make each coaster special and memorable. Our promise is the use of sustainable materials and the smiles that these customised coasters will bring about. Customise Mini Pallets how you want with your favourite colour and engravings. Our state of the art engraving is done meticulously for text as well as images.

Mini pallets are designed to put a smile on your face. The design resembles pallets that are used for shipping and transporting large packaged goods. We take great pride in being an Australian owned enterprise- promoting the use of locally sourced materials and labour.

The final product comes in a package of four coasters that are ideal for dinner tables, bar counters, coffee tables and basically anywhere you could imagine using a coaster.

Our vision:

We envision that mini pallets would make a great addition to the themed hospitality and gift industry. Cafes by the dock and other areas of loading and unloading could encourage some smiles and laughter with this witty little product holding a beer, coffee or any other beverage.

Customising your Mini Pallets to better suit your needs and preferences is our forte. Have your loved ones pictures and names engraved on the Mini Pallets, or simply get your business logo engraved for ensuring good brand recall.

Gift your loved ones with a mini pallet and have them remember you everytime they have a drink. That makes for an ideal gift of thought. Furthermore, we also provide customised Mini Pallets that can be engraved with a personal message. There’s even more, Mini Pallets can be acquired in your favourite colour!

What better way to tell your employees you care about them?

There aren’t many gifts that you can give your employees (at a budget) that would add some utility to their life and also help them remember the organisational values. Mini Pallets is the perfect coaster for lunch time coffee or for a drink after work.

Gifts for Business Customers:

Customised Mini Pallets displaying your company’s official colours and logo can serve as a great gift for your regular, long-time customers. Our Mini Pallets can also feature customised messages for your loyal customers making this an ideal gift to keep them thinking about you every now and again. The customised Mini Pallets can also act as small advertising tool that encourage conversations about your company amongst various stakeholders.

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