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Mini Pallets


Order your pallets from our predesign range

Mini Pallets are a great gift for your loved ones, or as casual gifts for your acquaintances. We provide a list of predesign mini pallets that you can choose from online.

120 x 100 x 20mm
4 Mini Pallets per pack

Single Pallet Packaging

Single Packaging

Note: bulk buy, mini pallet only, no packaging.

Pallet House - The best place to buy mini pallet coasters!

It is a herculean task to find a perfect and unique gift for your loved ones. But, not anymore!

Order wooden pallet coasters with a heartfelt and special message engraved on it. Pallet House has a collection of minimalist, yet attractive pallet coasters.

Pallet House offers mini pallets manufactured from the finest quality Australian timber and recyclable materials. Our wooden pallet coaster set is the perfect table accessory for your home decor, office and for your theme-based restaurants or cafes.

You can order coaster set online engraved with a special message! Create a contemporary, and beautiful mini pallet coaster for your loved ones by customising it with your favourite symbols, drawings or a personal message.

Mini pallets as a unique corporate gift!

Are you running out of ideas for an attractive and exclusive corporate gift for your clients? We have a solution for you. Our Wooden Pallet Coaster is an ideal option for an exclusive corporate gift.

You can buy customised coaster sets with an engraved company logo and the official colours of your company.

Gift the customised coasters as a token of appreciation to your star employees or send it as corporate gifts to your long-term clients for brand promotions.

Browse through our site to order your customised mini-pallet and coaster sets.

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